On this area of our website you will find our library of site templates and themes for Standard HTML, Joomla, and Word Press platform sites.

Our site templates and themes are generally available for all three platforms with some exceptions being available for only the Standard HTML platform and a few specifically for the WordPress platform.

When you purchase website hosting from Parnassus Creative at the Level 2 package or higher, we will upload and install the site template/theme of your choosing from the collection featured on this site.

Parnassus Creative uses various software programs to create these templates and themes.

Most of the website designs in this library are meant to be starting points for your own website. Parnassus Creative can make limited modifications to the designs to meet the requirements of your specific site for no additional charge. Additionally, we can create a fully customized design working with you to incorporate your ideas - the possibilities are almost endless! We can also recommend at least one exciting WordPress Theme that you can control all of the customizations yourself - visit this site to see an example of this.

The real customizations of your website are in the features and content you post to your site, these templates and themes are simply the visual package that will contain those features and content.

For more information on how a website design is created please read this posting from Michael's WordPress Blog.